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PTC Site Twickerz Is A Big Scam

Twickerz is a PTC(Paid to click, is an online business model) site, it claims that that they has been running PTC business since 2011 and has paid over $689,000 to their members. Is that true? No, it’s a big scam!

Why I say Twickerz is a scam?

I say Twickerz is a scam because I spend my free time to click the ads(Twickerz’s each click is marked with $0.001) and have reached the cashout requirement $1.5, but they don’t pay!

When I plan to withdraw my earnings I got the popup prompt “Only investing members can withdraw”.

But they clearly mention payout for all members on the Twickerz homepage! You can guess that if someone invest money, they won’t pay, because Twickerz doesn’t even have the basic integrity.

Don’t be fooled!

Searching Twickerz on Google, you will find a lot of videos or articles about it, which say Twickerz is good PTC site and mislead others to sign up. Now I know Twickerz’s tricks. I hope that no one will be fooled by Twickerz, stay away from it!

So, the last thing I want to say is, f**k you Twickerz!